Birch Grove Campground Reduces Waste

August 13, 1997

By Michael Jessen

It's more work for Marilyn and Walter Erickson, but at the end of the day it's less waste.

In fact, the owners of the Birch Grove Campground on Lee Road near Balfour estimate they have reduced waste output in their campground by more than 50% compared to last year.

Their waste reduction success is based on the good cooperation they have received from both overnight tourists and their long-term guests.

"Once they decide they're staying, we explain to them what we expect them to do," says Marilyn. "We've had a really good response from everybody."

Overnighters are told about the three locations on the campground where they can separate out their glass, aluminum, and tin containers. "For paper, I just tell them to bring it to me at the house," she adds.

"We get the odd one who puts dirty things in, but most say 'Hey, we do it at home so we don't mind doing it here'," Marilyn says. "We have to monitor it so it is extra work, but we don't mind because we believe in recycling."

Long-term guests at Birch Grove requested a composting option so the Ericksons purchased two composters from the RDCK and they report this is also "working very well".

"We're quite proud of what we're doing," says Marilyn. "Once you're doing it you don't think twice. It's just a way of life."

Way to go Birch Grove Campground guests! Congratulations to the Ericksons for their waste reduction success story.

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