Checklist Tells Environmental Rating

August 27, 1997

By Michael Jessen

To support and encourage environmentally friendly hotels, the BC and Yukon Hotels' Association has a checklist pamphlet to help members discover their environmentally active rating.

The 55 question checklist is directed toward full-service hotels but can also be useful to smaller lodging establishments like motels and bed and breakfasts.

Checklist respondents are asked to check the items currently in place in the establishment, under the general headings of reduction, reuse, recycling and buying recycled. Some sample questions are:

Do you reduce the consumption of normal hot water and electricity by using lowflow heads on showers?

Do you place a brick or other device in the toilet water tank to reduce the consumption of water?

Do you send used photocopier cartridges back to your supplier for recycling?

Do you use both sides of paper rather than two separate sheets?

Do you provide reusable rather than disposable coffee filters in kitchens and cafeterias?

Do you avoid using individual creamers, condiments, sugar packets or disposable cups?

Do you work with an organization which collects food and redistributes it to relief agencies in the community?

Do you send old magazines to hospitals, clinics or nursing homes?

Do you provide postcards and complimentary stationary made from recycled paper?

Do you purchase facial and bath tissues made from recycled materials? For a copy of the checklist, please contact me at 229-4621.

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