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Welcome to Zero Waste Solutions

If your business or community wants to make a real commitment to sustainable development, Zero Waste Solutions can help. The creation of value for shareholders can be accomplished through sustainable practices. Zero Waste Solutions can aid your business or community to make sustainable choices in day-to-day management and utilization of resources.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Sustainability begins with how we treat the Earth's bounty, but it doesn't end there. Zero Waste Solutions can also assist your business with the social, environmental, ethical, and governance issues that are part of the package now commonly known as corporate social responsibility.

"The social, economic and environmental consequences of 'business as usual' will affect everyone. Any company planning to be in profitable business in fifty years' time needs to be building sustainability into their strategic thinking today."
Chris Tuppen, Corporate Social and Environmental Programmes, British Telecom

Zero Waste Solutions can inspire your business or community to implement best practices that result in triple bottom line dividends -- economic, environmental, and social. Integration of environmental and social criteria into mainstream business decision-making is a specialty at Zero Waste Solutions. We can guide your business or community to improve the implementation and monitoring of voluntary initiatives and industry self-regulation.

"Institutions that operate so as to capitalize all gain in the interests of the few while socializing all loss to the detriment of the many, are ethically, socially and operationally unsound. Yet that is precisely what far too many corporations demand and far too many societies tolerate. It must change."
Dee Hock, founder, president and CEO emeritus of VISA

At Zero Waste Solutions our aim is to help you be the best you can be, to lead by example. We want you to do well by doing good. Working with your business or community, Zero Waste Solutions will facilitate the management vision and strategy needed to implement the policies and practices compatible with sustainable development and the concept of corporate responsibility.

"Sustainable development builds the platform on which business thrives and society prospers."
Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, Royal Dutch/Shell

With Zero Waste Solutions working for you, your enterprise will be in business with Nature and at one with the world.

"I firmly believe that business is NOT supposed to operate like a machine, blindly devoted to profits at any cost. To serve society, and even to survive in the long run, we must not run our business to earn a profit. We must earn a profit to run our business. Our business must have PURPOSE, a reason to be. That purpose is to enable people to more fully develop themselves, and together to raise our culture to its next higher level."
Tachi Kiuchi, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

"Today, we are still confronted with worsening global trends related to environmental problems like global warming, loss of biodiversity, land degradation, air and water pollution. Some companies have risen to the challenge. Such efforts need to be acknowledged and applauded. Despite many good examples of how industries are reducing waste and emissions, becoming more energy efficient, and helping poor communities to meet their basic needs, we have found that the majority of companies are still doing business as usual."
Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme

Doing business as "unusual" is innovative and rewarding. Zero Waste Solutions will encourage your company to stand out from the crowd. Hear the applause?

"Taking responsibility for the process of business is -- being involved, doing your bit, and giving back when you can"

What's New?

Check out all the new columns on the "Articles" page. You'll find the articles first on where they are usually published on a biweekly basis. Visit the site and find out all you ever wanted to know about the wonderful City of Nelson, BC and area.

Check out our web site link of the month - The Center for Resource Solutions at The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), based in San Francisco, brings together diverse interests to implement practical resource solutions. Their national and international programs promote clean and efficient energy use, encourage sustainable economic growth, and help preserve the environment for present and future generations. The Center for Resource Solutions believes a small number of people can make a big difference in addressing sustainability issues. It encourages the transfer of sustainable technologies and foster international leadership in sustainability by building the human capacity to meet environmental, economic, and cultural needs. CRS is unique in its integrated approach to problem solving and networking with other organizations. One of CRS's major programs is the renewable energy certification program. Find out more about it at

There is always something changing on our web site. Bookmark our site and check back often!

"Discarding the Idea of Waste: The Need for a Zero Waste Policy Now!, September 2003" a report on zero waste prepared by Michael Jessen is available as an html document or in portable document format (pdf) using Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Resource Library page of this web site. This document is also available directly from the author at a cost of $50.00 plus shipping for a hard paper copy. Michael Jessen has also compiled a report entitled "Industry Product Stewardship and Beverage Container Waste Management Programs in Canada" which is available for $50.00. A shorter report "Industry Stewardship and Producer Responsibility in Canada" is available for $10.00. E-mail Zero Waste Solutions or use the contact information on our contact page.

This site was last updated on April 11, 2004

When visiting our Resource Library, you will find many new links to corporate social and environmental responsibility web sites. You can also donate free food to the world's hungry through The Hunger Site and save some of the world's rainforest through The Rainforest Site. By visiting, you can make multiple free daily donations to AIDS and cancer research, support the arts and education, save children, protect the environment, house the homeless, and end hunger.

If you are concerned about climate change, two interactive web sites have been listed in our Resource Library. You can send faxes to your political leader, receive e-mail updates, and get lots of information on what you can do. Check out the Pembina Institute's EcoAction site and the David Suzuki Foundation's Stop Climate Change site.

"To date, the business logic for greening up has been largely operational or technical: bottom-up pollution-prevention programs have saved companies billions of dollars. However, few executives realize that environmental opportunities might actually become a major source of revenue growth. Greening has been framed in terms of risk reduction, reengineering, or cost cutting. Rarely is greening linked to strategy or technology development, and as a result, most companies fail to recognize opportunities of potentially staggering proportions."
Stuart Hart

Give your business a sustainable future. Contact Michael Jessen at Zero Waste Solutions: 250-229-5632 or

e-mail Zero Waste Services

"Business has become, in the last half century, the most powerful institution on the planet. The dominant institution in any society needs to take responsibility for the whole."
Willis Harman

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